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The Beckley Police Department introduced a new look for the Department May 1.

In an effort to modernize the look and feel of the Beckley Police Department, as well as strengthen ties to the community  the Beckley Police Department's 53 officers are heading for a historic makeover — replacing their brown and tan uniforms for a more traditional style municipal police officer color, navy blue. In addition to change in the duty uniforms, BPD officers have redesigned the patch.

The change was made because of several issues with the brown shirts and tan pants, including the difficulty in purchasing consistent color matches and the uniforms tendency to fade along with the advancement with technology and the fabrics used.

The Beckley Police Department has been wearing the same uniform for 50 plus years.  It’s a wonderful uniform and has served us well. However, the blue shirt and pants will allow us to maintain a consistent look; the department has been discussing updating the uniforms for several years. After extensive employee surveys and product testing, officers preferred the navy color.

Officers’ protective vests may also now be incorporated into a uniform matching outer carriers—rather than being worn under clothing—officers will also now have the option of utilizing an external carrier to help lighten the load which will help with contestant  and long term back injuries and heat fatigue.

So, how much will all this cost?
Each year, the department is provided with a uniform budget that covers all the officers’ uniform needs. When the date of transition was set the department did something extremely simple. We purchased new navy uniforms and utilized the old surplus brown and tan uniforms we already had in supply for the officer’s needs during the budget cycle. We basically had zero cost on the uniform transition. We utilized the money that had already been allocated to uniforms.  The only additional cost was for the new patch. All other uniform equipment was already in the Departments budget.


BPD  Clear                                  facebook - Copy

On behalf of the members of the Beckley Police Department, I want to welcome you to our webpage.  I hope you find the site is informative and provides an insight into the services we deliver. One goal of the Police Department is to stay connected to the communities that we serve. It is important that the community stays informed about what the Police Department does and how the community members can assist us in being successful. Our website is one of the many tools that we use to achieve this goal.


Our pledge to the citizens of Beckley is that we will provide professional police services that are innovative, community-minded, and integrity-driven.  The Beckley Police Department has developed and instituted a proactive community oriented policing approach to our delivery of services to the community.


The Beckley Police Department is committed to providing exceptional public safety services by taking a leadership role in building community partnerships.  The police department is only as effective as its relationships with its citizens.  Therefore, a strong “customer service” attitude is a top priority for the department.


We seek to improve the quality of life for all residents of Beckley through a proactive team approach to timely and innovative interventions in community problems. We recognize that our employees are our most valued asset and the cornerstone of our department’s successes.


The well-trained, well-educated, and highly motivated officers of the Beckley Police Department are committed to keeping our community a safe place to live, work, and visit.





Lonnie D. Christian

Chief of Police



Our Vision

The department, in partnership with the community, will endeavor to create a safer community by achieving our mission and being a leader in providing quality police service.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating and preserving an environment that offers a sense of security, safety and well-being to all people within the community served. The department will operate as a part of the community, and in partnership with its citizens in a professional manner

Our Core Values 


Our conduct and demeanor display the highest standard of personal and
organizational excellence.



We will demonstrate honest, ethical behavior in all our interactions. We must have
the courage to stand up for our beliefs and do what is right.



We are fair. We treat each other and the community with respect in a consistent manner.



We have a dedication to the community and the department we serve. We will persevere to continue to be a leader within our profession and in achieving excellence.