2016 forms coming in August

Beckley’s 25th Annual Chili Night is being planned for Saturday, October 3rd, 2015, from 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. You are invited to participate in the Chili Competition (5:00 – 8:00 p.m.), which is open to businesses, organizations, and individuals. The block party is held along the streets in uptown Beckley and is a fund-raiser for Beckley Events. Due to limited space, only the first 40 chili registrations will be accepted, along with a maximum of 30 other booths. Please register by September 17th and be part of one of Beckley’s biggest events!  Chili Night features three stages of entertainment and a mini-carnival.
Please note these conditions of entry:
*Beckley Events will provide a supply of 4 oz bowls, spoons, napkins, and crackers. You may wish to bring additional supplies. Please do not bring coolers of alcoholic drinks to your booth. You are welcome to sell non-alcoholic drinks, & other food / items.

*Homemade chili should be prepared in advance and must be kept warm at 165 degrees during the event. Please follow all requirements of the Health Department (gloves / hand washing station, stem thermometer, hair restraints). Non-restaurant participants need to obtain a temporary food handling permit from the Health Department located on Harper Road (permit fee $50; no charge for non-profits, but must apply).  At least one member of your booth must have a Health Card or take a class (classes on August 26, Sept. 9, 18 & 23, & Oct. 2)- To reserve a spot in a class or for more info: call Health Dept.# 304-252-8532

*Set-up will be between 2:30 & 4:30 p.m. Please provide your own decorated table, chairs, and tent covering!  To avoid traffic congestion, please bring only one vehicle at a time to the set-up (Main and Neville Streets will be used). Plan to serve chili from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. or until you run out.

*Attendees will purchase tickets from Beckley Events. They will give you tickets in return for chili. You will be reimbursed $0.25 per ticket that you collect.

Chili categories:
– Restaurants/Catering – prepare 12 or more gallons of chili
– Organizations – prepare 8 or more gallons
– Non-restaurant businesses – prepare 10 or more gallons
– Individuals – prepare 6 or more gallons
Prizes for winners in the above categories & the Peoples Choice award will receive:
1st Place = Trophy + $100; 2nd Place = Trophy + $50; 3rd Place = Trophy + $25
Peoples Choice Award Note: Please do not try to buy the Peoples Choice Award – do not offer to give moeny to a charity in exchange for voting coins. This award should be for the quality of the chili, not for solicitation. Other Awards (Trophy + $25): Best Tasting Spicy Chili (not the hottest), Most Exciting Booth, Most Attractive Booth, Most Samples Served, and Most Unique / Creative Specialty Chili!


Beckley’s Chili Night Cook-off Confirmation Form
Yes, I want to enter Beckley’s Chili Night cook-off on October 4th.
I have read the conditions of entry and wish to enter the following category:
___ – Restaurants / Catering Firms – prepare 12 or more gallons of chili
___ – Non-restaurant businesses – prepare 10 or more gallons
___ – Organizations – prepare 8 or more gallons
___ – Individuals – prepare 6 or more gallons
___ – Best-tasting Spicy / Hot Category
___ – Specialty Chili (i.e. veggie, diabetic, white…) Specify: __________
___ – Non-Chili booth – selling other food, items or an informational booth

Restaurant/Business/Organization Name ______________________
Individual or Contact Person ________________________________
Address, City, Zip Code ____________________________________
Phone ___________________________________________
Fax _____________________________________________
Email ___________________________________________
Your planned power source:
___ gas or propane grill (preferred)
___ generator
___ electric outlet (very limited – light poles can support only 1-2 items)Please provide your own table, chairs & tent covering!
How many gallons or samples do you anticipate preparing? __ (less, same or more than 2014?)
Do you plan to sell drinks? ___ Yes;  ___ No
If you are interested in selling other food, desserts, or items, please specify: ____________
If you plan to feature any special entertainment, contest, game, or theme at your booth, please specify here:_______________________________Please enclose space reservation / registration deposit (non-chili booths): REGISTRATION IS FULL – NO SPOTS ARE AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME!
__ Chili Vendors (Categories: restaurant, non-restaurant business, organization, individual) – Booth fee waived due to health permit requirement $50 – contact health department ASAP.If you reserve a chili booth and do not show up, you will be billed a vendor fee since a space was reserved for you.  We normally have a waiting list of vendors interested in participating.
__ Other Vendors – not cooking chili (food vendors should obtain health permit) – FULL – NO SPOTS AVAILABLE
__Non-profit vendors not cooking chili – $35 booth fee – list products:
__Business vendors not cooking chili $70 booth fee – specify:
(Non-chili booth fees must be paid in advance of event.) 

__Seating area sponsor (will provide tables & chairs for attendees)

If interested in pre-ordering any Chili Night shirts, please contact Beckley Events.

Please mail this form to Beckley Events, P O Box 5015, Beckley, WV 25801, or fax to 304-256-1816 no later than September 17th (first 40 chili & 25 other vendors accepted). Info: Phone 304-256-1776; Email: jmoorefield@beckley.org.