Welcome to the Beckley Comprehensive Plan update website! You will find information on what the project is, the project timeline, and how you can get involved and make your voice heard throughout the process.

Project Description

The Comprehensive Plan update represents a strategic community vision, incorporating diverse elements such as land use, housing, transportation, infrastructure, public services, rural development, recreation, economic vitality, community design, renewal, financing, and historic preservation. 

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is a document that guides the future development of a community through land use regulations, zoning, transportation planning, and government-funded projects to ensure that growth and development occur in a coordinated and sustainable manner. It is a strategic document that outlines a community’s long-term vision, goals, and policies for physical and socio-economic development.

What are the key components of the Comprehensive Plan?

  • Land Use
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Public Services
  • Rural Components
  • Recreation
  • Economic Development
  • Urban Design
  • Preferred Development Areas
  • Renewal and Redevelopment
  • Financing
  • Historic Preservation
  • Implementation Strategies

How do I participate?

Public input is a crucial aspect of developing a Comprehensive Plan. Including your perspectives, ideas, and concerns helps ensure that the plan accurately reflects the needs and desires of the people who will be impacted by it. Public input fosters transparency and promotes a sense of fidelity.  

  • What’s our history?
  • What are our existing conditions?
  • What’s our vision for the future?

We have several planning exercises for you to participate in so please keep an eye out for these engagement opportunities! 

Please join us for the first Public Open House on April 16th from 5-7PM at the Beckley Raleigh Convention Center.

How long is this project?

The Comprehensive Plan update is a 9-month project with expected completion in November 2024.