The Beckley Police Department gathered together on Thursday, December, 6th to announce the winners of their “No-Shave November” charity winners. The police department participated in the fundraiser to raise awareness for the West Virginia Kids Cancer Crusaders. The bearded officers were able to raise a whopping $6,100. Marisa Skaff, the co-founder of West Virginia Cancer Crusaders made the following statement:

“We are Speak less the fact they were able to do that just phenomenal and we are forever grateful cause all the money every dollar goes to families no admission cost and our group that was goal of our organization was to make sure we touch as many families as we can in our state so this is going to make massive impact on these children.”

The top 5 winners are in order and raised the following amounts:

Josh Stewart- $1,321
Joey Hunter- $1,031
Jake Corey- $782
Bryan Atterson- $451
Tim Capehart- $290

The Beckley PD are very thankful for all of those who donated.