A week of unique events showcasing local and regional artists

Throughout the week of June 22-30, BEX will take over the city of Beckley. During the week of BEX, Beckley will be host to numerous unique events and experiences featuring a film festival, art installations, art exhibits, workshops, a maker’s fair, oddities & curiosities fair, human library, musician showcase, a performance by indie rock band The Dangerous Summer, and more. BEX is a collaborative effort with 40 partners and hosts. BEX programming includes over 35 unique events aimed at inclusivity and diversity.

This event is for you. The individual, artist, or creator looking for opportunities to showcase your art and to take in the creations of others through a platform supported by your community. Organizers Shane Pierce, Christine Kinder, Saja Montague, and Jared Kaplan are all Beckley natives invested in the revitalization and progress of Beckley. Organizers say, “BEX is an opportunity to highlight our exceptional artistic culture, and experiment with new ways of bringing our community together.”

There are many ways for makers, artists, and musicians to participate. Please contact for more information on how to showcase your work! For a complete schedule and event details visit our FB and Instagram @BEXWV