The City of Beckley Code Enforcement Office houses information on zoning, zoning maps, and the zoning ordinance. It is also the contact for The Historic Landmark Commission, Planning Commission, and the Board of Zoning Appeals. Most types of development require planning and zoning review to determine if they meet all the requirements of the zoning ordinance.


No structure located in the B-3 Zone shall be reconstructed, restored or altered without a Certificate of Appropriateness approved by the City of Beckley Historic Landmark Commission. This committee is established under the provisions of Courthouse Square (B-3 Zone) Summary of Guidelines. This requirement applies to ALL property located in the Courthouse Square, B-3 Zone. This requirement shall not apply to interior remodeling of the spaces above the ground floor. This requirement does apply to murals and other super graphics that may be painted or erected on the outside of a building. The determination of appropriateness shall consider economic feasibility and tenant needs, as well as architectural guidelines and standards. Note: No work may commence until the Certificate of Appropriateness is approved.

This form may be emailed, or brought in to our office. Application for Certificate of Appropriateness

Applications are submitted to the Code Enforcement Department. The HLC is scheduled to meet the second Thursday of every month, if applications are received. Please call 304.256.1738 to confirm meeting date and time.


The planning commission of the City of Beckley is comprised of seven members, all of whom are freeholders and residents and qualified by knowledge and experience in matters pertaining to the development of the city, and include representatives of business, industry, and labor.

Planning commission approves all site plan applications and any zoning changes.

Any petition or other action requiring a public hearing before the planning commission shall require a legal ad, 15 days before a meeting, held on the first Tuesday.

Please call 304.256.1738 to confirm and meeting date and time.


The board of zoning appeals shall hear and determine appeals from and review any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by an administrative official or board charged with the enforcement of Chapter 15 of the City of Beckley Ordinances.

The board of zoning appeals also will hear and decide applications for conditional uses as defined by Chapter 15 or the City of Beckley Ordinances.

Please call 304.256.1738 to confirm and meeting date and time, or for applications.