The Beckley Human Rights Ordinance prohibits discrimination in housing based on:

  • Race
  • Color
  • Religion
  • National Origin
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender orientation
  • Ancestry
  • Blindness
  • Handicap
  • Familial Status


It is against the law for a landlord or realtor to:

  • Refuse to sell, rent or lease based on discriminatory reasons.
  • Deny you an application for a rental apartment.
  • Refuse to provide services, repairs, or improvements to a rental unit.
  • Publish or advertise any preference or limitations for housing.
  • Engage in the blockbusting-persuading owners to sell or rent housing by telling them that minority groups are moving into the neighborhood.
  • Steer people into or away from neighborhoods for racial purposes.


Have You Ever Been?

  • Denied a job or promotion because you were forty years old or older?
  • Refused housing opportunity because you have children or because of your association with someone of another race?
  • Sexually harassed on the job?
  • Denied employment because of your race, sex, or religion?
  • Refused a job opportunity because you have or are perceived to have a handicap?
  • Unable to receive service in a public place because it was not handicap accessible?
  • Asked to resign your position because you were pregnant?
  • Denied a reasonable accommodation for a handicap on the job or in housing?


If You Are Sexually Harassed…

It is a violation of the Fair Housing Act for a landlord or his/her agents to ask for or require sexual favors in exchange for the rental of an apartment, lease renewal, repairs, or any other condition or privilege of renting.

If You Have Children…

You have a right to the housing of your choice. Housing discrimination against families with children is no longer legal in any state in the nation. This means that families cannot be denied the housing of their choice, simply because they have children. The law protects pregnant women, families with children, adults serving as guardians for children, and those in the process of obtaining legal custody of children (such as those who are adopting.).

If You Have A Disability…

You have a right to the housing of your choice. It is illegal for anyone to deny you housing because you have a mental or physical disability, or a record of having had a mental or physical disability, or because people think you have a mental or physical disability.