Officer in Charge
Captain D.R. Farley

501 Neville St.
Beckley, WV 25801



Detective Bureau Personnel

Investigative Division Commander Captain D.R. Farley
Chief of Detectives Lieutenant D.S. Allard
Detective Sergeant M.G. Bragg
Detective Sergeant W.G. Pannell
Detective M.P. Deems
Detective Corporal J.J. Stewart

The Detective Bureau of the Beckley Police Department is comprised of very dedicated and professional investigators, which is commanded by Captain D.R. Farley

The Beckley Police Department Detective Bureau is responsible for investigating both misdemeanor and felony level offenses. The Function of the Bureau is to investigate all minor and major crimes. After Patrol takes the initial report, the Bureau Chief of Detectives reviews and assigns the cases to a Detective. Each case is worked until all leads have been followed and the crime is solved or the case goes cold. Through diligent well planned investigative techniques, our Detectives gather, process, analyze and preserve evidence in our best attempt to solve crimes.

Our Detectives are tenacious in their investigative techniques and work hard to ensure the safety and well being of victims who are affected by the actions of others. By utilizing scores of resources, the Detective Bureau assists victims and others affected by crimes against them by making a host of resources available.

Detectives at the Beckley Police Department work hard to solve each crime and make the best effort possible to prosecute each crime accordingly.