The City submits its annual budget to the West Virginia State Auditor’s Office after approval by Common Council vote. All revisions are also submitted to the West Virginia State Auditor’s Office after Common Council approval as well. View our budget documents here.

Financial Document Reports

State Auditor John B. McCuskey has announced the city of Beckley successfully completed deployment of Project Mountaineer, the modern internet financial platform sponsored by the State Auditor’s Office and being offered to towns and municipalities statewide.

“We are excited the leadership of the city of Beckley has looked toward the future and
completed installment of Project Mountaineer,” McCuskey said. “Our towns and municipalities are the lifeblood of the State, and it’s important to offer them the tools and resources necessary to operate and thrive.”

The purpose of Project Mountaineer is to provide towns and municipalities a financial platform allowing decision makers to efficiently track revenues and expenses and communicate this information to their constituents.

Billie Trump, treasurer for the city of Beckley, said, “All city finances are public information. Making this data available on the web is the most efficient way to provide it to our citizens. These are their hard-earned tax dollars, and they have every right to know how their money is being spent.”

For more information on Project Mountaineer please contact the State Auditor’s Office at
(304) 558-2251.