Fire Department | 310 3rd Ave Beckley, WV 25801
Captain Ed Thompson, Training Officer
Lt. Stu Scott , Asst. Training Officer

The Beckley Fire Department training bureau is subject to many requests from local businesses and individuals to help meet the specialized training needs that are required of them. Hospitals, extended care homes, local schools, day care centers are some examples of Beckley institutions that request services from the Beckley Fire Department. Hospitals and extended care facilities are subject to very strict standards. Part of meeting these standards is the requirement for fire extinguisher training, fire safety training and emergency evacuation training. Also these facilities are required to have periodic disaster drills. These health care facilities turn to the Beckley Fire Department for this specialized training. Hundreds of people are trained annually by the Beckley Fire Department training bureau in order to assist these facilities to meet their standards. The Beckley Fire Department also conducts reviews of the fire and disaster plans of these facilities when requested.

First Aid and CPR training is another area that the Beckley Fire Department training department provides valuable service to the public. Training is provided to incoming students in healthcare programs at the Academy of Careers and Technology and Mountain State University. Many businesses that operate in our area are required to have employees trained in First Aid and CPR. The Beckley Fire Department training bureau offers this training from both the American Heart Association and through RESA 1. The training bureau also has instructors for EMT and First Responder programs. Having the ability to do in-house training for the firefighters enhances our medical response capability.