The Hometown Heroes Banner Program honors veterans, both living and deceased, and active-duty members of the Armed Forces from Beckley. Each banner features the individual’s photo, name, branch of service and/or credentials.

Sponsored by companies, organizations and families, the banners will be displayed on light poles throughout downtown Beckley, beginning in Shoemaker Square and around the Courthouse Square.

Below is an example of approximately how the banner will look.

  • Applications may be obtained at the City of Beckley’s City Hall (Emmett Pugh Municipal Building) at 409 S. Kanawha Street or apply online using the form below.
  • Families, friends, businesses, and organizations can sponsor 18” x 36” Hometown Hero Banners honoring veterans for $70 per banner.  The city will cover the cost of the brackets ($65 value).
  • Payment Methods:

    • Cash can be paid in person at City Hall 409 S. Kanawha St, Beckley
    • Check or Money Order (payable to the City of Beckley) can be paid in person or mailed to: 409 S. Kanawha St, Beckley WV 25802
    • Credit Card payments accepted online, and in person at the Youth Museum of Southern West Virginia
  • The banner order will be placed after payment is made. The initial order will be made around August 15, 2022, with the hopes of installing them a month before Veterans Day. They will also be hung again next Spring through Fall.  If there is additional interest, a second order will be placed in the spring of 2023.  
  • Only one banner will be displayed per individual service member.  Served in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, or National Guard. Rank of service can be left blank.
  • The city will do their best to protect the banners but is not responsible for lost, damaged, or missing banners. The banners will be the property of the city. The durable banners should last a couple of years.  When the city determines that they are no longer presentable, they may return them to the sponsor.
  • The banners will be displayed on light poles in Shoemaker Square and around the Courthouse Square initially and other streets as needed.


  • Photos must be of good quality with reasonable resolution. The service member does not have to be in uniform in the photo. You may submit a digital image, or a digital image can be produced from a photo.

For information or paper applications: Jill Moorefield, City of Beckley, P O Box 2514, Beckley, WV 25802 or drop off at City Hall, 409 S. Kanawha Street, Beckley, WV 25801, or email