All requests for information must be in writing. Release of information is done in accordance with the West Virginia Public Information or the Freedom of Information Act.

Crash report requests may be made in person or submitted by mail, but must include payment prior to processing(see fee schedule below).

Police Incident Reports and background checks may be obtained directly at the Records Division of the Police Department with proper identification. Please note that background checks can only be completed with a signed release of the subject of interest and only contain those records maintained by the Beckley Police Department.

Parking ticket payments and appeal notices are also handled through this division. You may pay a parking ticket through the mail or in person. Click here for additional information regarding parking citations.

Police Report Document Duplication Fees

Crash Report Copy$20You may copy any information from the report in person on your own at no cost.
Police Report (Synopsis)$20This is a printed overview of the report which is accepted by insurance companies.
 Information Research $30 Any compiling of statistical information for specific time periods or locations. (Cost may increase if research time exceeds 2 hours)
 Criminal History Background Check $20 Note* This fee is for a check of the Beckley Police Department records ONLY. For a criminal history check of the state of West Virginia, contact the West Virginia State Police.
 Digital Photo/Document Disk $20 Applies to crash photos and existing electronic records.

* Fees Reflect Both Paper and Electronic Formats (Per Report)

Costs effective: 01-12-2011

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

The West Virginia Freedom of Information Act (“Act”), W.Va. Code §29B-1-1 et seq., requires public bodies to provide public records in response to requests, unless those records are exempt from disclosure in accordance with the Act.

Filing a Request

No particular form is required to submit a FOIA request. To make sure we understand exactly what you want, we need your request to be in writing.


A $10.00 search fee is charged for FOIA requests unless you are, or your organization is, exempt from paying fees.Government agencies, public officers, boards or bodies or volunteer fire companies, educational and scientific institutions are exempt. The search fee must be paid for every search even if no record is found.

Requests that would be burdensome or extensive and require more than one hour of compilation may require a search fee, depending on the request. If there will be an additional cost, we will let you know the amount before we make the copies, unless you give us a limit. In some cases, we may send an estimated bill and request payment before sending the records to you.

If you wish to inspect records rather than receive copies, please state so in your request. We will arrange for inspection of the records. There is no reproduction fee for inspection of records.

Certain personal information on police records is protected by the Federal Privacy Protection Act (552b) and also by section 29B-1-4 of the West Virginia Code, Freedom of Information of Public Records.


Beckley Police Department
Attn: Records Division
501 Neville St.
Beckley, WV 25801

Phone: 304-256-1720

Fax: 304-256-1731