Contact Information:

Dean R. Bailey
Deputy Chief of Police

501. Neville St.
Beckley WV, 25801

Beckley Police Department

Dean Bailey is a 24-year veteran of the Beckley Police Department. Bailey was appointed Deputy Chief by Chief Lonnie Christian on April 19, 2021. Bailey is a 1993 graduate of Liberty High School in Glen Daniel WV. Deputy Chief Bailey began his career at the Beckley Police Department in 1997. He then attended the West Virginia State Police Academy in 1998 graduating from the 99th basic class. Bailey is a 2011 graduate of Marshall University with a BA in Criminal Justice. Bailey was selected and attended the FBI National Academy in Quantico VA in 2018 and is a graduate of the 271st session.

Deputy Chief Bailey has served in various divisions within the Beckley Police Department including patrol, detective bureau and narcotics units. Deputy Chief Baileys most recent assignment was Field Operations Commander. In that assignment he was responsible for the following areas within the Beckley Police Department; Patrol Division, which includes day, evening and night shift patrol units, PRO officer at WWHS, SRO officers at Park and Beckley-Stratton Middle Schools, domestic violence officer, highway safety officer, off duty assignments, mountain bike unit, k-9 and honor guard units. Bailey has also assisted in the planning and building stages of the new Beckley Police Headquarters.

The Deputy Chief of Police is the second highest ranking officer in the police department and reports directly to the Chief of Police. The Deputy Chief oversees several organizational components such as the Patrol Division, Detective Division and Support Services Division. In addition to carrying out specific division duties, the Deputy Chief may assume the duties of the Chief of Police in his absence and perform related functions in that capacity. Additionally, the Deputy Chief acts as a Chief of Staff to the office of the Chief of Police and keeps the Police Chief informed of all operational activities on a day-to-day basis.