City of Beckley, Beckley, WV, West Virginia, k-9 unit, k9 unit, k-9, police

The Beckley Police Department currently has four police service dog teams available. In addition to working a beat and handling calls for service, the K9 units are often called upon to assist other federal, state, and local police agencies when K9 assistance is needed.

Tracking and Trailing

A Tracking and Trailing search dog is trained to pursue specific individuals by following the scent left from the particles that have drifted from the body to the ground and surrounding vegetation. Tracking / Trailing dogs are particularly effective when they have an item of the missing person to be used for scent identification. It can be an uncontaminated article of clothing or an object such as a car seat. The dogs can pursue the trail and indicate the direction of travel.

City of Beckley, Beckley, WV, West Virginia, k-9 unit, k9 unit, k-9, k9

Drug Detection

K9 Teams are able to detect marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin – all base odors and derivatives.

K9 Teams are trained and certified for apprehension, detection, tracking, evidence recovery and officer protection. The unit re-certifies yearly through the West Virginia Police Canine Association.

City of Beckley, Beckley, WV, West Virginia, officer, police dog, black uniform, k-9 unit, k9 unit

The police service dogs are used in a variety of situations:

  • To search for hidden suspects
  • To apprehend fleeing suspects
  • To search for evidence including use in drug interdiction stops
  • To protect the handler, other officers and citizen
  • To conduct public demonstrations

The K9s and their handlers undergo constant training to maintain a high level of excellence and to ensure that when they are called upon, both the handler and the K9 have the training, experience, and expertise to meet even the most challenging of assignments. Often just the presence of the K9 unit is sufficient to bring a situation under control.

  • Sgt. W.P. Reynolds and K-9 Gema – K9 Unit Supervisor /Trainer
  • Cpl. T.M Capehart and K-9 Ora
  • Cpl. S.A. Lilly and K-9 Gabo
The Beckley Police Department will make every effort to provide a K-9 Team demo for your school or event, depending on date, time and availability of one of our three K-9 Teams. We require that you provide us with all the details, including advance notice, so appropriate dates can be scheduled. Emergencies arise, and K-9 teams may have to cancel any engagement to assist their community or other communities in their work. If this occurs, we apologize and another date may be arranged.

K-9 demos are designed to portray the skill involved and the work performed by the K-9 teams on a daily basis, plus gives both children and adults an opportunity to gain knowledge and ask questions about the K-9 Unit. Basic obedience, agility, article search, simulated criminal apprehension and mock narcotic searches.

If you would like to arrange a K-9 demo in your area, or have questions, please contact Field Operations Capt. D.R. Bailey or Sgt. Will Reynolds 304-256-1720