For any further updates regarding the recycling operations, please follow the Raleigh County Solid Waste Authority Facebook page and also the website.

City of Beckley Recycling Information:
256-1740 or 256-1813

Please have the recycling placed by the curb by 7:00am on your scheduled pickup day.

Three (3) clear plastic bags will be furnished and used for the following materials:

One (1) bag for newspaper, magazines, junk mail, etc.
One (1) bag for #1 and #2 plastics – soda bottles, milk jugs, etc.
One (1) bag for rinsed aluminum & steel cans.

Small cardboard should be bagged with your papers.
Large cardboard should be broken down and placed in the bottom of your blue bin.

A small amount of items can be combined into one bag.

All bags need to be tied and placed on top of the cardboard in the Blue Bin.

Cans need to be rinsed.
Remove plastic lids.

glass, styrofoam, hardback books, motor oil containers,
plastic shopping bags, egg cartons, peanut packing materials,
bubble wrap or wax coated bags (dog/cat food bags).

HOLIDAYS: If your scheduled day is marked “HOLIDAY” set your
recycling out the NEXT BUSINESS DAY.
Only the holidays are rescheduled.

Recycling Pickup Schedule by Board of Public Works Wards
*Please Note: The wards indicated below do not reflect the ward zones for voting precincts. For any questions or clarification as to what recycling ward you are in, please contact the above numbers.


Nov. 10 will be picked up on Nov. 9, 2023

Thanksgiving Week
Nov. 21st wi will pick up Ward 2 and 3
Nov. 22nd we will pick up Ward 4 and 5will be picked up on Monday Nov 14th