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Fire Zone

Having detailed, informative pre-incident plans is important to fire departments in order to save property and lives. Commanders on the scene of an incident should be able to answer questions regarding building composition, utility shut-offs, FDC’s, and other hazardous materials. The Fire Zone drawing software is a CAD system that allows firefighters to create pre-incident plans quickly and easily. Through the use of diagrams, photographs, and other information, firefighters can become more familiar with structures before an incident occurs.

Fire Programs

A suite of software from FirePrograms allows the Beckley Fire Department to manage personnel, fire station, hydrant, and building information, track location, owner, and permit histories, as well as many other tasks, from daily logs to inventory management. As a comprehensive, integrated system, the software from FirePrograms helps maintain the Fire Department’s status as fast, efficient responders to emergency situations.

Wireless Networking

For all departments in the City of Beckley, network connectivity is a necessity. BITS has outfitted all three stations of the Fire Department with secure access to the BITS network and the Internet through wireless access points.