“The Amazing Castle”

Feb. 5 – June 4, 2019

The Youth Museum of Southern West Virginia brings to life more extraordinary hands-on adventures with the opening of “The Amazing Castle”.

Visitors to “The Amazing Castle” are transported to a magical place and time—inside the castle’s stone walls lays a happy and peaceful little community.

As visitors explore the exhibit and its eight themed areas, they will encounter graphic panels introducing seven citizens who are part of the castle community. From entertaining to sewing, each citizen has a special duty to do.

They can don costumes and become lords and ladies, castle villagers, or even “HiJinx the Jester” and then they can explore one of the Royal Workshops and pretend to be a carpenter, tailor, gardener, or even a cook in the castle keep.

“The Amazing Castle” is designed for visitors of all ages and is on loan from the © 2019 Minnesota Children’s Museum. All rights reserved. Many of the exhibits and classes are funded in part by the West Virginia Commission on the Arts.