Youth Museum of Southern West Virginia | 509 Ewart Ave. P.O. Box 2514 Beckley, WV 25802

The primary goal of the Youth Museum is to promote educational experiences for children and accompanying adults. Many of the Museum’s educational and out-reach programs stem from our commitment to encourage growth of cultural identity as outlined in our mission statement. Other programs draw their theme and content from the varied and diverse exhibits presented. The Museum presents educational programming on site, through exhibitions and specialized events, as well as in the schools.

The Youth Museum exists to provide a safe environment for interactive learning, creative self-expression and art experiences for children and families. We will do this by:

  • Playing an active role in building inclusive communities through exhibits, programs, advocacy and partnerships that reflect and celebrate our diverse constituency
  • Enhancing staff and organizational capacity to attract, welcome and serve a diverse audience and membership
  • To put accessibility and diversity into action in all aspects of our museum, in our operations, in our exhibits, in our communications and marketing efforts, in our programs and educational offerings
  • To foster inclusion on our Advisory Boards and actively support increased leadership roles for our staff with diverse backgrounds
  • To focus externally, engage, listen and respond to all members of our community

Museum Manners

The Youth Museum of Southern West Virginia is a public building. All visitors deserve respect and the opportunity to enjoy the exhibits in a calm and clean environment. If Museum manners are not used, you may be asked to leave the Museum.

Please use your “classroom” voice in the Museum. Aggressive behavior (pushing, roughhousing, or running) is not safe or tolerated. We reserve the right to ask children to “sit out” for part of their visit if they are unable to follow the Museum manners.

Food or drink is not allowed in any of the Museum’s exhibition areas.

The Youth Museum of Southern West Virginia is a tobacco-free environment. Smoking, chewing tobacco, or any tobacco related product is strictly prohibited in the Museum. Thank you for keeping our children healthy.

Please note that weapons of any kind are not allowed in the Museum.
Thank you for your cooperation! Enjoy your visit!
Many of the exhibits and classes are funded in part by the West Virginia Commission on the Arts.