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Visit our Digital Planetarium

We were very honored to have native son Mr. Homer Hickam come and cut the ribbon for the Planetarium’s grand opening on October 6, 2012.

Do you remember the first time you gazed up in wonder to watch a perfect night fill with twinkling stars? No other experience evokes comparable feelings for the mystery and awesomeness of our universe.

The Youth Museum’s planetarium is one of the smallest in the nation, with only a 15-foot dome, but our programs can recreate that same sense of magic and awe.

Accommodating up to forty people, the Museum’s planetarium program changes seasonally. Believing the heavens were human kind’s first storybook, populated with heroes, adversaries, and deadly monsters, our programs include information on seasonal constellations, planets, special celestial events and mythology.

Please note – Planetarium presentations are reserved for pre-arranged groups of 15 or more. All programs are age appropriate and last between 15 and 30 minutes.

A special six minute “Rocket Man” video can be viewed upon request.